5G is here

This real-time 5G coverage map shows the cities that already have the 5G infrastructure. Find your city on the map!

We aim to make our application available for all car drivers.

Our car application works well even before cars are connected to the 5G network. With 5G phones, drivers can connect their cars to mobile networks to perform our application. But we don't just satisfy with this status quo. This is why we are working on making this car application a standard system for all the future 5G cars.

Safety solutions via mobile networks provided by car manufacturers

Some car manufacturers already use mobile networks to warn their own cars about congested roads, broken down vehicles, accidents or bad weather.

100 million vehicles are already connected in the world

Drivers can download our car application to their 5G phones and connect it to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Android Studio.jpeg
A built-in system for car drivers.

With our industry-leading partners, we aim to make our system available for all the car manufacturers as part of the  standard system,