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We prevent accidents

Stay safe and save time with the world's first 5G bicycle bell that directly beeps within cars. 
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Be heard. 

Be seen. 

Be in control.

You have the right of way, but the driver is not paying attention? Mosa Bell enables you to alert cars nearby - thanks to 5G, the bell sound will be actively played within the car itself.
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Prevent collisions with one action

After ringing Mosa Bell, the signal will transmit to drivers in real-time to prevent unnecessary collisions. With 5G networks, the signal transmission speed is 10 times faster than 4G networks.
Ring Mosa Bell
Drivers get notified
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Enjoy your ride

One digital bell is all you need

Screen for navigation

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Push to ring car drivers with digital signal.

Pull to ring bikers & pedestrians with normal bell sound.

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Ring and become a safety contributor!

Each time you ring Mosa Bell, it will anonymously upload the location and timestamp to our encrypted cloud-based map, where every Mosa Bell user can discover which dangerous areas to avoid. Our AI separates individual events from location-based patterns. This allows us to push local authorities to work on safety solutions for bikers.

Collected data from beta testers


rides collected


dangerous area identified

2,171 km

distance collected


accidents avoided
The world's first 5G bike bell

Make your life matter

with Mosa Bell

FREE shipping in the EU

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